About Me


Who is the one-woman baker behind the computer screen and slaving over the hot oven? It’s me, Stefanie Goodman! (Get it? It’s Good, Man!)

I’m a young, 20-something year old with a creative mind and an unwavering passion for food. My family and I have always loved to eat, and if you’ve ever seen some of my middle school photos, you’d know it.

Some of my fondest memories growing up are baking in the kitchen with my dad, but the best memories of all revolve around Christmas. Every year we bake at least 10 desserts (so everyone gets their favorites) and then we add a new one. Between flying flour, oven alarms and sly tastings of batter, you could say baking is in my blood.

After I moved to Dallas, I knew it was time to take baking into my own hands and experiment trying new recipes without my dad’s guidance. That’s what you’ll find here. On It’s Good, Man! you’ll find unique sweets and traditional confections of my own and others on the blogosphere.

So, if you like to bake or you just enjoy looking at pretty pictures of food, take a few minutes to look around. From my kitchen to yours, happy baking!


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